1. These rules (hereinafter – the Rules) provide possible ways of donating on the portal (hereinafter – the Portal), owned by the portal manager – VšĮ Mėlyna (legal entity code: 303420560, registered office address: Gedimino Ave. 10-5, LT-01103 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania) (hereinafter – the Institution)

 Rights and obligations of donors.

 2. Terms used in the rules:
2.1. Person – a natural person or legal entity over the age of 14.
2.2. Donor – a natural or legal person who donates money on the Portal in one of the ways indicated on the Portal.
2.3. Donor – a natural or legal person who has donated money in his name to separate Projects as published on the portal.
2.4. Periodic donor – a natural person who chooses to allocate a selected amount of support every month in the manner specified in Clause 4 of the Rules.

3. Methods of donation:
3.1. Bank transfer via bank or credit card
3.2. By call, subscription (periodic payment)
3.3. By mobile phone (QR code)
3.4. Cryptocurrency.

4. After choosing to become a Periodic Donor, call or send an SMS to the number 1482. After receiving the SMS-reply, confirm with SMS according to the instructions. 3 or 5 EUR is automatically transferred every month (to stop the service – SMS with the text “STOP” to number 1482) NOTE: Valid only in Lithuania

5. If you are a company, institution or organization and want to support an amount up to EUR 1,500, enter: SUPPORT in the payment description. To support an amount exceeding EUR 1,500, please fill out the form provided on the portal. After receiving the completed form, we will send you a ready-made support contract. If you have not received a letter, contact us via e-mail: [email protected].

6. The Donor assumes all and any responsibility related to the authenticity of the Donor’s personal data provided and the transparency of the donated funds.

7. Upon receipt of the bank’s confirmation of the money transfer, the amount is immediately added to the amount of collected funds.

8. The portal administration reserves the right to update or change the Rules at any time. Such updated or changed Rules shall enter into force from the date of their publication on the Portal. You should check them from time to time to ensure that you are satisfied with the current version of the Rules. After updating the Rules, we will inform you about, in our opinion, essential changes by publishing them on the Portal. You can refer to the “Update Date” at the bottom to see when the Rules were last updated.

9. If you have any questions related to the terms of these Rules, please contact us using the details indicated below by calling the phone number below or sending an inquiry by e-mail. by post or registered letter: VšĮ Mėlyna ir Geltona Legal entity code: 303420560 Address: Gediminas Ave. 10-5, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania, e-mail: [email protected]

10. Donations can only be refunded in accordance with these terms and conditions in our refund policy. Our returns policy forms part of these terms and conditions. Please read our returns policy to learn more about your right to cancel support. The right to withdraw support applies if a person makes a mistake in entering the amount of money they want to donate and seeks to get all or a part of it back. In this case, he must contact the Portal administration within three working days from the execution of the order, clearly explaining the situation and submit a request for the return of all or part of the donated money. The portal administration, after evaluating the information provided, makes an individual decision in each case. If your demand is deemed just, we will return your money no later than within 14 days of receiving the request. We will use the same payment methods that you used when you placed your transfer, no fees will be charged for such a reimbursement.

11. The goal of the “Digital UA Soldiers” project is to offer a unique way to support Ukraine’s resistance against Russian aggression by allowing supporters to deploy a digital soldier in a chosen location within Ukraine. Each acquired soldier symbolizes financial support that contributes to the general “Blue/Yellow” fund. It’s important to emphasize that while the soldiers are visually assigned to specific locations, the funds collected are distributed based on overall needs rather than the geographical position of the soldier. This means that contributions from supporters are effectively used where assistance is most needed at any given time. The centralized fund distribution system ensures that support is allocated flexibly, taking into account the changing needs in Ukraine rather than individual preferences of supporters. This way, the project contributes to targeted aid delivery, making each digital soldier a part of tangible assistance.

12. The goal of the “Dovana Ukrainai” project is to offer a unique way to support Ukraine’s resistance against Russian aggression by allowing users to receive a postcard as a token of acknowledgment in exchange for their donation. It’s essential to understand that the donated amount goes into the organization’s general fund, with priority given to purchasing the specific item you choose. However, war is unpredictable, and there is always the possibility that different assistance may be needed at a particular time. If the selected items are not in stock, your donation will be used to purchase essential items for other Ukrainian soldiers. The needs are dictated by the war, and the final decision on what support to purchase in a specific case is primarily made by the organization.

Information updated: 03/27/2023.